Lebanon Programs

Your donation, no matter how small, can make a difference.

Assist us in aiding starving families and hungry children in Lebanon! The current situation in the country has left many families facing severe food shortages, with children going to bed hungry. Your support can make a significant difference by providing essential sustenance to those in desperate need. Join our mission to alleviate hunger and ensure families, especially children, have access to nourishing meals. Let's make a meaningful impact and help create a brighter future for Lebanon.

Extend your support to orphans in Lebanon! Many children in the country have lost their parents, facing emotional and financial challenges. Your assistance can make a significant difference in providing them with essential care, education, and a nurturing environment. Join us in our mission to support these orphans, offering them hope and the opportunity for a better future. Together, let's make a difference and provide a brighter tomorrow for the orphans of Lebanon.

Many women in Lebanon face unique challenges, and your support can make a significant impact in providing them with opportunities for growth and self-sufficiency. Join us in our mission to empower these resilient women by offering education, skills training, and resources that enable them to build a better future for themselves and their families. Together, let’s create a supportive community where women, widows, and single moms can thrive and achieve their fullest potential in Lebanon.

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Provide financial assistance to cover monthly obligations in Lebanon! Many individuals and families are facing economic challenges, and your support can make a significant impact in helping them meet their essential needs. Join our mission to alleviate financial burdens and ensure that households have the means to cover basic monthly obligations. Together, let's make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families in Lebanon by providing the financial assistance they need during challenging times.

Many children face barriers to continuing their education due to various challenges. Your assistance can significantly impact these kids by providing resources, scholarships, and support systems that enable them to pursue their studies. Join us in our mission to empower the future generation through education, offering them the tools they need for a brighter tomorrow. Together, let’s invest in the education of Lebanon’s children and help shape a more promising future for them.

Assist us in providing crucial support for medical cases, covering medicine costs, and facilitating surgeries in Lebanon! Many individuals are grappling with health challenges, and your contribution can significantly ensure they receive the necessary medical care. Join our mission to alleviate the burden of medical expenses, making healthcare accessible to those in need. Together, let's make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing health crises in Lebanon.

Lebanon - Audhia/Qurbani!

Our charitable giving can profoundly impact supporting those in need and fostering positive change in the community. Join us in the spirit of generosity by donating Zakat and Sadaqah and providing financial assistance to individuals facing hardship. Your contribution can help address various social and economic challenges, ensuring vulnerable communities receive the necessary support. Together, let’s uphold the values of compassion and solidarity through the principles of Zakat and Sadaqah in Lebanon.

Make a Ramadan donation to support those in need in Lebanon! During this holy month, your generous contribution can assist families facing hardships. Join us in the spirit of giving by donating to our Ramadan initiative, helping ensure that individuals and communities have access to the necessary resources. Your support can make a meaningful impact, providing iftar meals, necessities, and support for various charitable programs. Let’s unite in the spirit of Ramadan to make a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate in Lebanon.

Participate in Audhia/Qurbani for in-need families in Lebanon! Your contribution can significantly impact this special time, ensuring that vulnerable families have access to nutritious food. Join us in the spirit of sacrifice and generosity by donating Audhia/Qurbani and providing meat to those facing food insecurity. Your support can bring joy and sustenance to households in need, making a positive difference in their lives. Let's come together to share blessings and compassion with those less fortunate in Lebanon during this meaningful occasion.